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Revolutus Fightwear

Revolutus Fightwear – The New Establishment

We have been working closely with Revolutus Fightwear to help them redesign their website from the ground up, and the work is almost done! Everything from the look of the site, to the structure, to the shopping cart has been updated. We will still be adding more features to their website in the near future, [...]

Sterling McCall Fiat Vehicle Wrap Design

Sterling McCall Fiat Vehicle Wrap Design

Digital SqFt’s very own graphic designer, Colby Wright, partnered with Chameleon Wraps¬†to create a design that would help Sterling McCall promote their Fiat 500. A vehicle that has only been available in the US this past year, has a fresh style, nimble¬†handling, and exceptional gas mileage. If you are wanting to promote your business, a [...]

Stop Don't Lose Business

The only reason you need a website…?

Yes, I said it. There is only one reason you need to have a website, and that is to keep from losing business. Most people create websites to gain business and when they don’t get the business they are not happy. Little do they know they are not losing business. Having a website makes you [...]

One easy step to increase your search engine rank.

One easy step to increase your search engine rank.

A lot of people ask us for tips to increase their search engine rank on their website, and one thing we tell people is create a Social Networking Page. It is easy to start your social networking journey just by creating a page about your website on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. First, by creating [...]

Website redesigned and we love it!

We have been working hard recently to come up with a new design for our website and now it is here. We hope you enjoy the new look!